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What’s in my cart :: Warby Parker

My husband hates my glasses.

I don’t know why.  I think they’re snazzy.  And they’re Fendi, if that means anything to you.

But my husband thinks they’re ugly.  When pressed for more info (support your opinion with evidence, please), all he can offer is that they’re too big for my face.  Now I tend to disagree since they’re actually about the same size as my last pair.


Plus, they’re half-rimmed which makes them seem to float and disappear against my face.

Or so I think.

This is one of those instances when we just agree to disagree.

But right now, I’m up for a new pair. And rather than rock the boat and just re-lens these frames which is the more fiscally responsible option but which will probably tick him off immensely, I am going to try to appease my husband and hopefully please myself in the appeasing.

Thank goodness for Warby Parker.  I stumbled upon them from Wardrobe Oxygen Allie’s post which gives you a concise review complete with photos.  She ended up not getting any of them but here’s hoping I’ll have better luck.

Here are the glasses I’ve ordered through their Home Try-On program.  Each picture of me wearing one corresponds to the pair above.  (Did that make sense?)

I know, I know.  They all look identical.  What can I say – I have particular tastes.  But I swear each one is distinctly different.

I will only have five days from when I receive my goodies to make up my mind, so you folks wanna help a sistah out and chime in on which one I should get?

I know I take off my glasses for the photos featured on this blog, but let me assure you that they’re pretty much on my face all the rest of the time, only coming off in the shower and right before bed.  And maybe, if we pick the right pair, I’ll be able to take more pics with them on as a cool accessory?  (Fine, maybe my husband is right and my current glasses are dorky since I obviously don’t like the way I look in them in photos.)

I’d really appreciate as much feedback on this one, my friends.  I’ll be stuck with the final decision for at least a year, you know.

No pressure or anything.

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