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OOTD :: of faux trouser jeans and shopping links

september 27

september 27

sepember 27

So how does one do trousers on casual Friday?

Why, with a pair of trouser jeans, of course!

Okay, these aren’t technically trouser jeans, but the bootcut leg gives the illusion of such. Also, the dark wash elevates it from your normal informal denim so I’m dubbing them trousers.

I’d toyed with the idea of pairing these with a fun graphic tee, but I’m a bit bloaty this week and I didn’t want to subject you to my lovely muffin, so flowy top it is. Also, I think I’ve had my fill of neutrals.

(Yesterday’s outfit left me feeling a bit blah – what with the white walls, gray floors and an inadvertent monochromatic look. In retrospect, I shoulda worn bright red lipstick or a vibrant scarf for a pop of color.)

Anyhoo, I always feel best when I wear black up close to my face, and this polka dot number is one of the few flowy black tops I own. Choosing it was a total no-brainer. And because I’d alluded to rocker chic-ness earlier this week, I give you a moto jacket and boots. Boots! Ah, fall! Thank goodness you’ve arrived!

In other news…

I wonder if my loyal readers care about shopping links. Frankly, finding the links to similar items – especially ones that are seasons old – adds an extra hour or three to my blogging time, and if no one really bothers clicking on them, then I wouldn’t be averse to getting rid of them altogether. I sure would appreciate replies to this question; I hate spinning my wheels if I’m going nowhere.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Jacket – F21 (similar)
Trousers – Simply Vera Wang @ Kohl’s
Boots – Charlotte Russe (similar)

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What I bought :: May 2013

Bubble barrette – Because these were such a steal, I bought two: black and blue.

Casual barrette – It was a toss-up between one of the pinks or the yellow.  Because the pinks flummoxed me, the yellow won by default.

Large teeth cascade – I debated which color to get to add to my collection when Aly walked past and said, “Oh, TARDIS blue!”  ‘Nuff said.

Mossimo Supply Co jacket – I love these jackets – light enough for So. Cal. but snuggly enough when the A/C is blasting.  Have it in yellow and had to pick it up in pseudo-TARDIS blue since it’s on sale.

ASOS swing dress – A throwback from my college days when I’d purchased and worn to death a mustard swing dress with fun hoodie.  I loved that dress and cherish fond memories of it and am forever on the lookout for its replacement.  This might be the closest I’ve come so far.

Merona lace dress – Not the same shape as the aforementioned nostalgia dress but definitely the same color.  And I feel pretty in it.  ‘Nuff said.

7  Jovovich for Target dress – It must be the month of dresses.  I was browsing the Jason Wu line because some bloggers had showcased it when I remembered this dress which I’ve owned in the past but had given away, much to my regret.  Thank goodness for eBay!

8 Ellen Tracy dress – Another TARDIS blue purchase in anticipation of the Doctor Who week I’ve planned.  It looks much better on, I swear!

9  Old Navy v-neck stripe – Got mine in navy blue and white which is sadly sold out now.  Should’ve bought the M instead of the L which is still too big even after I tried to shrink it in the dryer twice.

10  Old Navy boatneck stripe – Can we tell I’m in love with stripes this season?  Must be that nautical thing that happens every spring.  The link takes you to the Gap, but I promise I bought it from ON.

11  Old Navy Rockstars – Don’t care if it gives me mom butt.  I needed a pair of cobalt skinnies and these were the best-fitting in my price point.

12  Old Navy Flirt bootcuts – Because KS#1 and #2 said my flares were gross.  Needed a new pair of white non-skinny jeans anyway.

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