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OOTD :: of cocoon cardis and all things swank




Hullo, Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for providing safe haven for my rather over-the-top pattern mixed interpretation of the lace dress.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Neiman Marcus for Target
Cardi – francesca’s
Skirt – F21
Pumps – Mossimo @ Target

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Week 11 :: of boys, fairies and the natural order

My ten-year-old son still believes in Santa.

And the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and leprechauns.  I would like to blame it on that recent animated film, but the truth of the matter is that he’d believed before and he continues to believe after; the movie just reinforced his faith.

Some would say, good on you!  You’ve preserved his innocence long after it’s expiration date.  Where other ten year olds are spouting language that would make a sailor cringe, your son still thinks “stupid” is a bad word.  Yay, you, for being an awesome mom!

The thing of it is, he’s only one more year away from that hell known as middle school.  And as a mom and former middle school survivor, I fear for his psychological and physical safety.  Won’t he get teased?  Taunted? Swirlied in the boys’ bathroom?  Worse than the thought of a couple of bumps and bruises – boys heal – is the idea that my very trusting, very vulnerable boy will be forever scarred once this inevitable awakening occurs.

Lace Friday

So I try to hint that these mythical creatures may be just that – pretty stories with no basis in reality. I have an ulterior motive for doing this beyond my mommy fear of a tormented child: it’s exhausting being all these mythical creatures.  Because at the end of the day, it’s not Daddy that has to wait till the kids are asleep to write the notes from Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny, is it?  It’s not Daddy that has to hide the special paper or delete the special fonts that were used.  Nosirree!  It’s Mommy.  And Mommy is tired.

But sometimes, something happens that restores your own faith and makes you realize that life’s too short to spend worrying.

lace friday

Earlier this year, my family attended a birthday party where the theme was fairies.  Stood to reason, the birthday girl was turning five.  Thankfully, the mother of said child provided fun boy games for the older males.  She had them make PVC pipe marshmallow shooters while the little girls were given beautiful stone pots and various flora to put in said pots and create fairy gardens.

All went well until the ride home when Dylan, who I thought had been perfectly satisfied with his toy gun, murmurs: “Mommy, I want a fairy garden.”  I think he means he wants to build a house for Aly’s fairy garden because that’s normal, right?  Boys build.  He couldn’t possibly be hinting that he believed in fairies too?  The Tooth Fairy, sure, because that’s an established childhood legend.  But regular fairies?  Like Tinkerbell?  That’s just a bit too girly, right?  I tell him we’d work on it some time during the week and I forget all about it.

lace friday

The following day, Dylan comes running up to me, thoroughly breathless with excitement: “Mom!  Mom!  Guess what?  The fairies came!”


“I put those stones in front of Aly’s fairy house.  I remember they were like this.  But now, they’re like this!” he pantomimes as I look on with slack-jawed disbelief.  “And I put a sign up that said Fairy Lives Here and that moved too!  The fairies came!”

And he was so beside himself that even the eye roll that was threatening to take over my face withered under his enthusiasm.  He ran off and I shook my head, bemused, thinking to have a discussion with Hubby about appropriate ten-year-old boy behaviour when Aly comes sidling up to me.  It’s her turn to whisper:

“Mommy, I moved those rocks and the sign.”


“I moved them because I want Dylan to keep believing in magic.  Other kids say there’s no such thing as magic, but there is.  Right, Mommy?”

When even my own daughter foils my attempts at gentle disillusionment, then I have to take this as a sign that the universe is telling me to throw my hands up in the air and just let the natural order of things take its course.

lace friday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Jeans – Mossimo @ Target
Flats – Old Navy
Bracelet – Old Navy
Earrings – handmade by moi

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Week 11 :: of sweet things and paying homage

I was super excited about this outfit earlier.  Was looking forward to it with great delight, in fact.

I think it was the juxtaposition of contrasts – my fashion kryptonite – that did me in.  After all, how genius is it to pair something as fancy and girly as a lace pencil skirt with something as earthy and masculine as a chambray shirt?

But, as with most things in my life, the journey is always more exciting than the destination.  I’d anticipated it so much and I’d scoured so many photos for the perfect inspiration pic that now I’m feeling rather blasé about this outfit.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s still adorable and all.  I’m just not feeling like writing about it.

lace thursday

So instead, I’m going to pay homage to my all-time fave blogger – Lisa from Respect the Shoes – and talk nothing about clothes and everything about my fifth favorite topic: food.

Specifically candy.

One of the perks of my profession is that we get food.  Free food.  Call it a bribe or the modern-day equivalent of “an apple for the teacher”, but we get food.  Sometimes it’s feast or famine depending on the kid and the parent and the circumstances, but invariably, I end up building a stash of emergency goodies from all the offerings.  I even have a special drawer for it in my classroom.

Due to the demographic of our school, I have developed a obsession penchant for Mexican candy.  I know, I know, there was that lead in the candy scare about five years ago, but it’s so good that I didn’t care then and I certainly don’t care now.  The flavors are so complex and varied – it’s like a smorgasbord in my mouth every time.

Lace Thursday

My favorites are Picos.  My husband calls it my crack and I must admit to  a sick satisfaction when, like an addict does a needle, I flick at the  plastic packets to get the powder to settle before ripping it open with my teeth and pouring out the salty-sweet chili goodness into my mouth.  It’s pure sugar flavored with salt and chili powder – utterly unhealthy but so undeniably good.  Another fave are the Rebanaditas, or watermelon flavored lollipops covered in chili.  Imagine a hot and spicy watermelon Jolly Rancher.  Yeah.  Amazeballs.

Lace Thursday

Of course, nothing can truly compare to the candies of my youth.  Growing up in the Philippines, I’ve had my share of unique sweets, from champoy to polboron to sampaloc.  Then there were the goodies from our Asian neighbors.  White Rabbit was practically a staple at our house, as were all kinds of  hard candies flavored with exotic fruits like lychee and mango.

A few weeks ago, though, one of my students came in with a big bucket of Milkita candies.  I’d never heard of them, but one sample and I was hooked!  I got to taste the milk and chocolate but I hear the watermelon and strawberry are the bomb as well.  Sadly, I didn’t want to look like a greedy hog and I declined the offer to get one of each flavor from the tub, a noble decision I am still regretting to this day.

Lace Thursday

What are your favorite candies?  Do you go for the sweet? Or are you open to a mixture of sour, salty and/or spicy?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Skirt – H&M
Pumps – Payless
Necklace – Target

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Week 11 :: of insecurities and rocker glam

I am completely at peace with every single part of my body except my arms, and apparently I’m not alone.

Although I can preach all kinds of rhetoric about it’s not being about the size on the tag or the number on the scale, the eyes don’t lie.  I can mask a bloated tummy with ruching and creative tucking.  I can amaze people when I coyly reveal my weight (I’m a lot heavier than I look, but I’ve learned to dress my body type accordingly).  But when I wear something sans sleeves, my gaze inevitably lands on my upper arms and with critical, microscopic precision, I map out every wiggle of my wattle.

Then I come up with a myriad reasons as to why I need a cardi/blazer/shrug/completer piece even when it’s a hundred degrees out.  In fact, just yesterday, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to style a perfectly good summer dress like this because cap sleeves might as well be sleeveless in my book.

So it is with trepidation that I present for your consideration today’s lace look which I’ve dubbed “rocker glam”.  I’m gonna be honest with you: I’m probably keeping my jacket on all day even though weather.com says it’ll be in the 80s today.  And I’m going to get away with it too because my classroom is a lovely, steady 70 degrees at all times. But for you, my friends, I bare my arms because it just wouldn’t be rocker glam if I didn’t.

Lace Wednesday

There’s just something inherently cool about the combination of tank top and leggings.  It’s easy, effortless and allows for maneuverability when moshing or stage diving.  Sadly, since my plans for the day do not include either moshing or stage diving, my version of the look needed a little toning down.

What makes this work appropriate, then, are the details of the tank top.  The lace is guipure with a modest lining underneath.  The cut allows it to swing away from my body rather than clinging, and the length covers the derriere quite nicely, thank you very much.

Lace Wednesday

I couldn’t resist the drama, though.  There’s always a bit of the rebel in every outfit I create.  So it goes without saying that the leggings I chose have a sheen to them, reminiscent of hair bands but hopefully without the cringe quality of spandex.  Throw in some arm candy and a pair of stilettos and I’m ready to go where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

Lace Wednesday

Lace Wednesday

Lace Wednesday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Lela Rose @ Neiman Marcus for Target
Leggings – YMI @ Tilly’s
Jacket – H&M
Pumps – Jessica Simpson
Arm candy – gift

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