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OOTD :: of Matt Smith and the 11th Doctor

11th doctornovember 29

november 29

november 29

Did I mention something about not femme-ing up an outfit?

Well, I really wasn’t gonna do it for my interpretation of 11 either, but when I had the initial outfit on (wearing black capris), my lovely daughter wrinkled her nose and said I looked like a man.

Now, why would that bother me when it didn’t for 10? No telling. But I scrutinized that ensemble, decided she was right, and chose a flippy skirt as replacement. When this look came together, I knew we’d chosen well. It speaks so much of 11’s childlike quirkiness. Pairing a flouncy skirt with an oversized coat and bow tie makes me feel like I’m playing dress up, and that’s the sense I got from Matt Smith’s take on the Doctor – that he was having fun and determined to forget the angst of 10’s tenure.

How very astute of me, especially after having seen The Day of the Doctor. “The one who regrets; the one who forgets”, indeed!

In keeping with this vibe, I opted for the lavender brogues over the grey ones. They totally don’t match but they certainly go, if you know what I mean, because they lend that extra bit of whimsy to the outfit. I also experimented with different ways to style the shirt: tucked, tied and untucked. Which do you feel is best?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona (similar)
Blazer – Banana Republic thrifted
Skirt – ASOS (similar)
Shoes – Volatile Rizzo
Bow t
ie – amazon

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WIT :: of being verklempt and rediscovering old friends

Still overcome by the awesomeness that was The Day of the Doctor.

Had forgotten how all-consuming, how positively breath-taking a Moffat-written Doctor Who episode could be. Am reeling and may need a few days of recovery. So much for grading 15 essays every day of my break. I doubt I can concentrate on something so mundane/pedestrian/real while I’m still in the throes of Who magic.

Tennant. Smith. Hurt. Wowza!

Can’t wait for Christmas. I’m telling you now: I’m gonna sob – great big heaving sobs – when we bid adieu to Matt Smith.

Kinda incoherent right now so will stop here. Have a week in review, why doncha?

november 24

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