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HGB :: Orly bonder, Essie polish and Seche Vite

I am not a nails person.

Oh, sure, I enjoy me a good pedi day with BF, but I am not one to spend my time applying coat upon coat to my fingernails myself.  I just don’t have the patience or – let’s face it – the coordination to give myself a decent manicure.

But KS#1 is in town from Boston and she’s a bona fide nail expert and when she gets giddy at the thought of pampering my sadly neglected nubs (yes, I am a nervous nail biter), who am I to deny her the pleasure?

So I sat at the dining room table and watched with fascination as the process began.  And like the proverbial little kid with the infinite questions, I badgered her the whole way through.

Me:  What’s that?
KS#1:  Bonder.
Me:  What’s it for?
KS#1:  Base coat.
Me:  Oh. What’s that color?
KS#1:  Mint Candy Apple.
Me:  It’s kinda bright.
KS#2 (interjecting from the peanut gallery):  Wait till she puts the second coat.
Me:  Second coat?
KS#1:  Stop moving. And trust me. Gimme your other hand.
Me:  What’s that?
KS#1:  This is the best.
KS#2  (rolling her eyes in righteous agreement):  The best! It makes your mani so shiny! Look!
At this pont, I oooh and aaah over her candy apple red mani while KS#1 continues to swipe away.

KS#2 nails

Watermelon by Essie

KS#1:  There. Done.
Me:  Seriously?
KS#1:  Yeah. Don’t touch anything.
Me:  How long before it’s dry?
KS#1:  That’s what the Seche Vite is for. It won’t be long at all.  Don’t blow at it or wave your hands.  It’ll cause air bubbles.

And with that last remonstration, she sashayed away to stuff her face with cheese balls and I was left admiring her handiwork, which took all of ten minutes, if that.  I give total props to my sis, but I think a lot of it has to do with the products she used.

Now, as I said before, I’m no nail expert and so technically this shouldn’t even be an HGB feature, but I’m so impressed with the way my nails came out and the way the whole process was so effortless and quick that I simply had to share the love.


I can’t speak about that Orly bonder but I can tell you that the Seche Vite truly does what it’s French moniker implies – it dried my nails so quickly, I was taking the cake out of the oven fearlessly in less time than it’s probably taking me to write this.  And the shine it leaves behind is glorious – it looks super professional and my thin fingernails feel stronger than they’ve ever felt before.

Of course, as with house renovations or new cars, it’s the color that takes center stage, not necessarily the behind-the-scenes foundational work.  And what a color this is!  Sure, it’s super bright and sure, I’ll probably have OCD about next week’s outfits coordinating with it, but I have to say that I’m mesmerized.

(And we are all going to ignore my shoddy cuticles while we admire the polish color. I said KS#1 painted my nails; I didn’t say she gave me a manicure.)

mint nails

It’s too early to tell, but if these nails are able to withstand the everyday wear and tear I put them through for at least a couple of weeks, then perhaps I might end up becoming a convert after all. And perhaps these three products will become true HGB items. Or perhaps it’s all just a nefarious plot on KS#1’s part to get me obsessed with polish like she did me and makeup so she has someone with whom to squee over new products.

Grrr. Argh.

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