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T3 :: of pink, tweed, and Umbridge




I don’t like to remember villains.

The well-written ones are usually so vile and evil that I can’t wait to forget them, and the badly-written ones are just so laughable and two-dimensional that they’re not even worth my time.

But when Selah suggested Fave Villains for a T3 theme, I knew the challenge was too good to pass up. Because there really was no contest in terms of stylespiration: hands’ down, it had to be Dolores Umbridge.

Think about it: her dastardly-ness knows no bounds (Come on! Harry’s punishment? Ouch!), her delivery was made even more chilling because it wasn’t over the top (I can think of several people in real life who are convincing Umbridge wannabes), and her look is just downright iconic (Pink and tweed? Yes, please).

Much as I hate to think I can channel my inner Umbridge so easily, it was relatively simple coming up with a suitable ensemble. The tweed jacket was the base, then I just had to choose an appropriate bottom that pulled more of the pink. That choice ended up being a snap as well because Summer of Skirts.

The inner layer was proving problematic because of the jacket’s mandarin collar, but eventually I settled for a simple lace tank which goes along with Umbridge’s twee-ness. White sensible pumps and – oh my goodness! – an actual purse that doubles as a clutch for an added accessory and I think I’ve got the character down pat.

And now it’s your turn – who is your Fave Literary Villain and how would you channel him/her? Click on the blue froggy below and tell us all about it!


 : Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
  Jacket – eBay
Skirt – Boohoo
Pumps – Karmen @ Payless
Purse – H&M

Thank you for your patience with this deviation from schedule.

Thrilled for Thursday will be back next week.

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What’s in my cart :: Target redux

Ah, good ol’ Tar-jay!  You succeed every time in sucking me into your vortex of consumerism!

This week’s offering, my friends, was borne of a desire to get that tempting “free ship with a minimum order of $50”.  All I really wanted were the pink wedges, but even when I put two different colors in my cart, they still didn’t add up.  So I had to jump back in and delve into Target’s bottomless coffers of wardrobe goodness.

Thank goodness there were slim pickings.  And I’m more than likely returning the tops because they’ll probably fit funny.  But before I pull the trigger on the checkout button, how’s about a last look at my choices?

1.  I like this top because of the interesting print and neckline.  I also like the cunning reverse pleat in the front.  But is it worth $17.99?

2.  Again with the neckline.  I also added this because I’ve been enamored of pink lately and I don’t have enough in my closet.  But the price tag of $19.99 is steep for a tank, no?

3.  This dress!  Oh, how I love this dress!  And I need a white summer frock.  But should I just let the yellow one be it’s own unique thing in my closet?  Do i need another, even if it’s a different color?  Or will I regret not buying it down the road?  Argh!  Conflicted!

4.  So I started looking for a pair of flirty pink sandals and stumbled on these.  I have the black version in my saved items list – have had it for so long – but chose to try these because a. in need of pink and b. it’s on sale at $23.99.

5.  Although the coral above is more vibrant, this one won me over because the heel is pink too, not just the vamp.  But I wonder at its pastel-ness.  I’m torn because both iterations have their pros and cons.  Help me out?

6.  Does it scream “street walker”?

7.  Yeah, yeah.  It’s a trend.  This, too, shall pass, right?  But who knew Target carried Sam and Libby?  And don’t they look like they’d go with tons of stuff?  At $34.99, though, I may just pass.

And there you have it, my friends.  This month’s Target options.  Please feel free to chime in with your two cents’.  You know you wanna…

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HGB :: Japonesque pocket curler

Next to a paper cut, there’s no pain more aggravating than pinching your eyelids when you curl your lashes.

I say “aggravating” because it’s the kind of pain that you simply can’t complain about without sounding like the biggest wuss on the planet and yet we all know, my friends, that that ish hurts, especially when you’ve aligned all of them perfectly on the lip of your curler and you think that this time – this time! – you’ll get it all on one pass so you get ready to squeeze down with all the force of your thumb and forefinger but you overcompensated and…well…

Insert profanity of choice here.

I’d pretty much given up on curling my lashes after numerous such instances when I happened to stumble on the Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler on Amazon.


And because I’m a sucker for pink and for anything that remotely hints of Japan, I decided to read the reviews.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I always go for the one-star reviews first to see if the product is even worth my time.  This curler got 8 one-star reviews out of 75 – not bad – and after perusing them, I realized the critiques covered issues that I wasn’t too concerned about (no heat, broke easily, didn’t get the curl in one pass).

And, heck!  It was only $11 and I have Prime, so into my cart it went.

It’s now been over a year and a half and the Go Curl has officially made it onto the HGB roster.

I love the fact that it’s light, both in color and weight.  As another reviewer said, the light color allows me to see my dark lashes better.  And the light weight makes it oh so maneuverable in my clumsy hands.

Speaking of maneuverability, let’s digress, hearken back to the traditional curler, and discuss my personal limitations with it.  For me, this curler is a two-step coordination process: 1. position the curved part on my face so it covers the majority of my lashes but doesn’t jab at my cheekbones, then 2. figure out a way to hook my fingers in the scissor-like handles so I don’t slip or cramp up when I commit to the curl.

Yeah.  Not gonna happen.  Can you see why I was in pain most of the time?

With the Go Curl, however, my coordination-challenged self can simply slide that sucker right up to my lash line and squeeze.  Why?  Because the “trigger” works less like scissors and more like chopsticks: the mechanism allows me to mimic my thumb and forefinger’s pressing motion, making it a breeze to do the deed.  (Thumb in front and forefinger on that back lever.  See?)


Now I must do a full disclosure here and mention that I did have to replace my first one about six months in, but that’s only because I was squeezing too hard with overenthusiastic glee.  The top prong is very thin, especially on the edges, and prone to chipping if you’re not gentle.  With this second one, I’m a lot less vigorous and I foresee the Go Curl lasting me at least through the rest of this year if not longer.

I know this may not sit well with the reduce/reuse/recycle folks, but I swear this is not another planned obsolescence item.  In fact, if handled with care, it really is a lifesaver in the morning when it’s your turn to drive in carpool and so have lost an extra thirty minutes of sleep and are bleary-eyed and not yet awake when you start messing with objects so close to your eyes but still manage to get a decent, painless curl on both sets of lashes.

The Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler has definitely earned a spot in my makeup bag and I will gladly replace it for as long as I break it and they make it.

Just please always have the pink option.

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Week 9 :: of Selah, pink fuzz and outrageousness

Be careful what you wish for, eh?

When I solidified my intent of going through with Challenge Week, I’d unthinkingly mentioned “the more outlandish and expensive the better”.  I really need to learn to watch my words, because invariably, some literal albeit well-intentioned reader will take me at face value and send something that flirts with the slightly risqué.

I’m not complaining or censuring, just stating fact.  Of course, I have the power to choose to be safe, but today’s submission, courtesy of the lovely Selah, intrigued me to no end.  It was begging to be duped.  And really,  it’s not even risqué in the truest sense of the word; in fact, I feel very modest and covered up.  No, I meant it was a bit over-the-top for work, even in an environment as liberal as my PBL school.

But for the sake of fashion, I shall attempt to dupe it.  Let’s see how successful I am.


The first question we should all be asking ourselves is why in Hades do I own a fuzzy pink coat when I live in sunny So. Cal.?  Well, because it was on sale and I’m never one to turn down a sale.  Also, all my sisters told me to return it because it made me look huge and when they get unanimous, I get mutinous.  And so the coat stayed.

I missed the glamor club days – my heyday was smack dab in the middle of grunge; there were no sparkly bits to be had – so the sequined leggings promised to be a true challenge.  Lucky for me, I owned this pair of coated denim that, if you look closely but which probably doesn’t photograph well, has a bit of the glittery to it.  Plus, it uncannily matches the shade of pink from the coat, so I’m calling this a win.

The top is an oldie but goodie from New York and Co.  It’s become a closet orphan during my weight fluctuation periods, almost destined for the donate pile time and time again.  It’s got an odd neckline that requires underpinnings to be decent, and I’d not owned a cami of coordinating color until now.  My acquisition of said cami and my current weight loss puts this top in the spotlight once again.  I do love it’s drape so I’m glad I hung on to it.


You know you love these shoes.  Admit it.  Even if you’re a professed anti girly-girl like I am.  Look at the bow!  Look at that perfect shade of Breakfast at Tiffany‘s pink!  Look at the cunning weaving in of black!  Can you believe it was a Payless find?  I know, right?!  And the necklace was once again an eBay purchase.  Took me two weeks to research, decide and bid on it but I think it was totally worth it, especially for this top because it fills the blank expanse so nicely.


So, how’d I do, my friends?  Selah?  Care to chime in?  I think this is the most daring of all the looks and the jury is still out to see if I get reproof or approval.  I’ll keep you posted.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – New York and Co.
Cami – SONOMA life + style @  Kohl’s
Coat – Mossimo @ Target
Jeans – Mossimo @ Target
Heels – Fioni Kipsie @ Payless

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