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OOTD :: of Tuesdays and tribulations

tuesday rest

So it’s Tuesday. You’re officially entrenched in the week. You can’t get away with “it’s Monday” excuses. You’ve got a buttload of chores to complete. You’ve got to empty out the dishwasher, refill the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, make beds, sift through junk mail, pay some bills, and oh, yeah. The kids. And perhaps even an animal or three. As these things run through your mind like Satan’s roll call, you tumble out of bed and think: plaid.

Yeah, that happens to me on a daily basis. Honestly. Because plaid is cool. Plaid originated in Scotland, which is also cool. Plaid screams punk and comfort at the same time. Plaid is invariably cotton flannel which does not wrinkle, and even if it did, the pattern masks the wrinkles. Plaid never goes out of style.

Plaid is your fashion savior.

Coz lookie above. See me in yesterday’s boyfriend jeans and no shoes? See me in my oversized plaid shirt? Yeah, I’m ready to make those household chores my beeyatch!

But, wait! I suddenly remember I’ve got a parent/teacher conference in a few hours. Or my husband texted and wants me to drop off  that important work document he left at home. Or my mother called and wants to take me out to lunch. You fill in your own unplanned crisis here. But whatever you choose, something happens that will require you to not only leave the house but also interact with people who may or may not care about whether you look like a lumberjack.

Fine. Challenge accepted. Look below.

tuesday motion

See what I did there? Two layers and the same shoes from yesterday and all of a sudden I’m ready to do a power lunch meeting! Now I like this look inspired by this one, but I didn’t have a tee so I used a cami as that second layer instead. Since you may have to take off that blazer at some point and since wearing a cami over a long-sleeved shirt might not be as fashion forward as I think it is, you may want to switch it up by doing the  orthodox thing and wearing the cami under the plaid shirt then layer with the blazer.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21 (similar)
Jeans – Jennifer Lopez @ Kohl’s
Cami F21
BlazerCalvin Klein @ Ross
Pumps – Janine @ Payless

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