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What’s in my cart :: capsule wardrobes

So it’s official.  I’m going to Yale this summer.  For seven weeks.

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this in passing, but now I’m calling it official because I’d finally screwed my courage to the sticking place and dropped the bomb on my kids’ laps this week.  And they were such little troopers because they took it quite well.

So the good news is that now I can openly talk about it and plan for it.

The bad news?  Did I mention seven weeks?!

How am I supposed to pack seven weeks’ worth of blog post outfits for a place I know nothing about?  My only foray into the East Coast had been last November for KS#1’s wedding and that was only for four days!

[insert hyperventilation here]

After I finished a mini-meltdown, I went to good ol’ Google to research wardrobe capsules.  Funny thing is that the first page of results sent me straight to people’s Pinterest boards.  Ah, Pinterest!  And so we come full circle, eh?

wardrobe capsule

Of course, I started a Yale board and began to pin. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, my friends. I need your help in culling through the pins and making an actual list of things to throw in my suitcase.  I suppose I should put it in context, so here goes:

  • The job is as a curriculum adviser for the renowned Explo program.  This means I won’t be teaching kids; I’ll be observing college kids teaching high school kids and mentoring said college kids with their lessons and instructional strategies.
  • I’ve been told I’m allowed to wear shorts and flip flops.
  • The offices are air conditioned and I’m assuming so are the classrooms but the dorms rooms where I’ll be staying are not.  o_o
  • I am expected to chaperone various weekend day trips, possibly into New York or Washington D.C., so I’ll be doing a fair amount of walking.
  • I hear it’s hot and humid in New Haven in the summer.
  • I only want to bring one 29″ suitcase with me to take advantage of JetBlue’s one free check-in program.

I’d like to look at this trip as a fashion adventure and continue blogging during those seven weeks.  But I also want to be comfortable and work appropriate.  And right now, those two things feel mutually exclusive and I’m overwhelmed.

So I’m asking for help from any and all readers who’ve either traveled, or who live in the East Coast, or who love minimalist approaches to clothing, or who know how to create spreadsheets/checklists, or who are simply willing to give me their $0.02 about what/how I should pack.

wardrobe capsule 2

I plan on revisiting this issue every other Saturday until D-day so as not to bore, but also so I can get as much feedback on this as possible.  I’ll start The List today and will be revising it as we go.  It’s a Google doc and as long as you have the link, you can view it and edit is as you see fit.

Feel free to play, my friends.  Type in suggestions for color or fabric or number – I give you carte blanche.  After all, I’m doing this for you!

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