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OOTD :: of making good on promises and Covered Perfectly




This week’s theme is fallout from yesterday’s post.

I was thinking about my closet, what was in it, and how I could prevent myself from adding to it when it dawned on me: why not highlight things I got for free? Perhaps by celebrating gratis clothing, I can then embrace the spirit of minimalism and, from there, smart spending.

Well, that was my thought process anyway.

I was also actually thinking that it was high time I honored my word, so I present to you, my friends, the theme of the week: Free for All.

So, remember when I won the 40+ Style contest? I’d promised Sylvia I would let her know how I’d spend my gift certificates, but I’d also promised to showcase the other part of my haul: my choice of a top from Covered Perfectly. Now, I’d never heard of this company previous to my win, but I was instantly impressed. Not only do they have stellar customer service (I  received a gracious personal email from Pauline Durban, president and founder of the company, congratulating me on my win and reminding my to place my order), they also have a free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (I’m such a sucker for free ship) and free returns as well.

How do you like them apples!

When my top arrived – in record time, no less – I was thoroughly pleased with the quality. The print is sharp and stunning; the fabric has that wonderful drapey lightness that is rayon’s trademark, but has enough of a sturdiness to hide all my nasty bumps and bulges. Slipping it on was like slipping into a cocoon of clouds. (Yeah, it’s that yummy!)

There was one glitchy issue, however: I couldn’t style it for the life of me. I think it was the combination of front drape design, zebra print, and my hypersensitive awareness of being a woman in her middle years. I felt and looked older in the top. It wasn’t the top’s fault, mind you. In retrospect, I think it was just all in my head. But at the time, everything I tried – pencil skirt, trousers, faux leather pants – made me feel matronly, heavy or cougar-esque.

But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? I went on Pinterest, found some inspiration and finally settled on today’s outfit. The swishy maxi has just enough taupe to bring out the similar hue in the top. The punch of orange with the infinity scarf lends an artsy edge to an otherwise bohemian vibe. And the snakeskin oxfords (in lieu of ladylike pumps or flats) adds just that touch of masculine to toughen up the look.

I definitely don’t feel matronly now. In fact, I feel particularly visible, if you know what I mean.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Covered Perfectly
  Infinity scarf – handmade by moi!
Skirt – eBay
Oxfords – Naturalizer

:: Linking ::
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Très Chic Style Bits @ Searching the Inner Me

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OOTD :: of linebacker shoulders and badassness




I probably should’ve saved this outfit for Thursday because two items were a total steal.

The first is the tuxedo blazer, a spontaneous, caught-my-eye-and-had-to-try-it-on item I spotted on the super sale rack at Target. I didn’t have much hope for it since it’s an XL, but I’ve seen enough iterations of this sort of blazer that I just had to give it a whirl. Lo and behold, my linebacker shoulders came to the rescue! The blazer draped on me like a dream. Sure, the sleeves are a little long and so is the overall length, but I’m digging the oversized boyfriend vibe of it all and the way it gives me that androgynous 80s punk look. And at 50% off the retail price, it just couldn’t be beat.

The other steal? Well, see those pants? Admire its fabulousness then click on my link below. Did I pay that much for them? Mwahahahaha! No way. Are they the most amazing TARDIS blue ever? You betcha. Do I feel like a total badass in them? What do you think? (And if you must know, I paid a third of that listed ASOS price for the pants. Lurve.)

I suppose even the top could be considered a steal since it’s an F21 item and we all know how reasonable their clothing is. Unfortunately, they’re also junior sized, and the very shoulders that made me fall in love with the blazer makes me rue the day I bought this top. It strains, my friends, and because it’s got a center seam down the back, I’ve already had to have it tailored once to stitch up the bursting threads. I fear this is the one and only time I’ll be able to wear it before it heads to the donate pile. But it sure does add an extra oomph to an already oomph-y outfit, doesn’t it?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Jeans  – Tripp NYC @ Karmaloop
Blazer – Mossimo @ Target
Shoes – Doc Martens

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OOTD :: of begrudgements and boyfriend jeans

september 13

september 13


Honestly? I figured it’d be months before I wore these jeans again.

I feel the same way about every piece of clothing I had with me in New Haven.

Not that I have negative/painful/crappy memories of my Yale adventure. I just can’t stand staring at a barren closet with limited options and right now, that’s what those clothes represent. The very thought of wearing anything from my trip gives me the shakes.

I’m sick in the head. I know.

Sadly, I have searched high and low for another pair of boyfriend jeans but I can’t find one I love. Had a haul from Old Navy come in last week that all had to go back because of saggy butt syndrome. Then I went back to Kohl’s to pick up another one of these and found they were out of stock in my size.


So since I want to rock the boyfriend jeans/casual Friday look, I guess I’m stuck with the New Haven pair. To mitigate the shakes, I paired it with wedge heels, something I couldn’t have and never would have worn this summer. Also, I’m wearing a top that, although thrifted, is newly thrifted and never worn.

Happy feet and novelty triumph once again!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Community Thrift (sim, sim, sim)
Jeans – Jennifer Lopez @ Kohl’s
Cardi – F21 (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes – Seychelles

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